Certification, Core HR, People/Employees/Manager

MB6-898 Describe how data is shared and separated per company in Dynamics 365 for Talent

Most of the data is not shared across legal entities and you go to the specific company to see the unique data. The exception is four types of data;

  • Employee and contractor data. The position they get assigned to are legal entity-specific. The employer is connected to a legal company, but the data is shared across legal entities.
  • Competency information. The setup of competency, such as education, skills, professional experience, is defined once and used on all legal entities.
  • Teams. Sometimes you want to report analytics or give the same security setup to people across legal entities, that’s why teams are shared across legal entities.
  • To support complex modelling scenarios with operating units such as departments, cost centers, business units, the hierarchy is shared across all legal entities.

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