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ClickDimensions vs Dynamics 365 Marketing

ClickDimensions For a long time ClickDimensions has been the natural option when looking to connect your marketing department with your sales team (as you should!) in the world of Microsoft. Founded in 2010, ClickDimensions has a sole focus on the CRM system from Microsoft (no matter what name it has at the time), this makes…

Why blog about Dynamics 365 Marketing?

2007 In 2007 i finished my bachelors degree in marketing, but things were looking a lot different then than it is now. Hashtag was one of the new English words and terms! For someone just out of school it was near impossible to get a marketing job, so I took a different path, one I’ve…

2020 – Everything is changing

It all died in 2019 As you might have seen Microsoft has announced the deprecation of Attract and Onboarding, they also announces that Talent is no more and that it’s now named Dynamics 365 Human Resources. I wrote the post Talent is dead – and it is good news. This is not the first time…

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