Certification, Dynamics 365 Marketing

MB-220 Configure marketing applications (15–20%)

The MB-220 certification is divided into 8 major sections. The first of these sections is all about configuring the application to work optimally. It contains the following four sub-sections;

  • Configure the Dynamics 365 Marketing app
  • Configure organization settings
  • Configure and manage marketing settings
  • Manage insights

I referred to several blogs and learning materials in the previous post and you can find them in chapter 10 of my book. This topic will not be covered in this blog.

For the other areas, I’ll create blog posts. For the ones I haven’t covered in my book, I’ll go deeper into the materials, but for the ones covered in the book I’ll keep it short and sweet and you can read the rest in the book. I will update this page with the reference as I write the posts.

Configure organization settings

  • Configure data sources for synchronization
  • Create and manage templates
  • Configure integration with the marketing portal
  • Configure landing page settings
  • Configure domain authentication
  • Configure social media accounts
  • Configure webinar providers
  • Configure LinkedIn Lead Gen
  • Configure the Customer Insights connector
  • Configure SMS providers
  • Configure push notifications
  • Describe Teams integration

Configure and manage marketing settings

  • Configure matching strategies
  • Configure marketing email settings
  • Configure customer journey settings
  • Configure opt-in settings
  • Configure lead scoring settings
  • Configure required options for publishing journeys
  • Create and configure marketing calendars
  • Configure content settings
  • Configure compliance settings
  • Manage marketing content libraries

Manage insights

  • Analyze contact insights
  • Analyze lead insights
  • Analyze segment insights
  • Analyze customer journey insights
  • Analyze email insights
  • Analyze lead scoring model insights
  • Analyze marketing page insights
  • Analyze marketing form insights
  • Analyze website insights
  • Analyze redirect URL insights
  • Analyze event insights

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