Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

MB6-898 Schedule an interview

To schedule an interview you first advance to the Interview stage and click “Schedule an interview”

Schedule an interview - create schedule
Schedule an interview – create schedule

Then you go on to adding interviewers and setting the conditions.

Interview options
Interview options

When you click add you move on to the scheduling site where you see the candidate and the interviewer. If you want to add interviewers you can do that by clicking “Add interview”. When you are on a production environment where your Outlook is connected to the same Office 365 as Talent you can click the light bulb “Suggest interview schedules” to get suggestions on the times that best suits the interviewer.

interview schedule
Interview schedule

When you click anywhere in the calendar of the interviewer a new pop up opens where you register the details about the interview.

Interview schedule add details
Interview schedule add details

Now the schedule is created.

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