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MB6-898 Check FMLA eligibility

You can easily check FML eligibility by clicking more (…) and “Check FMLA eligibility”.

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Check FMLA eligibility

When you click the “Check FMLA eligibility” you can set the date you want to check eligibility from, and then calculate it.

fml calculations.PNG
FMLA calculations

When you click calculate, the numbers calculate and you get the answers you need.

fml calculations 2.PNG

FMLA calculations

You have some possibilities for editing the FMLA options (you find this under Leave and absence):

FMLA setup.PNG
Editing FMLA options

2 thoughts on “MB6-898 Check FMLA eligibility”

  1. Hi Jlavos, Thank you for your comment.
    There are a few configuration options, you can set the accrual type (hours worked og months of service), types of hours (regular, overtime). I also updated this post with some more information on the options of editing.


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