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Talent is dead – and it is good news!

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The last weeks I haven’t blogged as much as I usually do, but for a good reason!

Today Microsoft announced the deprecation of Attract and Onboarding and changing the name of Dynamics 365 Talent to Dynamics 365 Human Resources! This is huge news and will have a massive impact on everything moving forward! You will no longer be able to purchase Attract and Onboarding from 1. February 2020. If you already have started with Attract and Onboarding you will have until 1. February 2022 to before end of life.

This is good news!

Why do I think this is good news?

Microsoft can now focus on the core functionality of HR even better and moving forward I’m sure will see a massive improvement in D365 HR! We can only hope that the UI will get a lot of love and attention (for anyone from Microsoft reading this; please, please do something with the UI!!)

This also explanes why the current certification is retiring by the end of 2019.

Just good news?


Do I love the fact that Attract is going away? No, but I understand why Microsoft don’t want to develop this when LinkedIn (which Microsoft owns) is developing their LinkedIn Talent solution. I think it’s a very smart move to deprecate it and not compete with LinkedIn (read: themselves).

Do I love the fact that Onboarding is going away? No, that I just hate. I think Onboarding was a great feature that was easy – but worked as intended, so this I am sad is going away!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me or go to the Talent community (still the “old” name) to discuss it!

Read the full article from Microsoft.

9 thoughts on “Talent is dead – and it is good news!”

    1. As Attract is going away – so is the hiring add-on (if you already have the license you can keep working in Attract with the add-on until the new license renewal periode or 1 February 2022 whatever comes first)


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