Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Task Management: Tasks

A task defines a specific piece of work or an action that someone must complete. You can reuse tasks and add them to one or more checklists.

You have to create all the tasks your company is planning on keeping track of.

Task setup
Task link

In the task setup you give it a name and a description, you can set the task group, say if the task is optional or not. You can create a task link, where you can link to either a menu item in D365 HR, a url to any other page or directly to the worker details. This is so the people doing the task will have easy access to where they need to complete the task.

You can assign the task to one of six;

Task instructions

You set a contact person and a due date for the task. The due date is automatically calculated from the start/end date of the employee.

You can also create some instructions to make it easier for the person doing the task to know what needs to be done.

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