Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Organisation setup: Workers

A worker in Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a person, the worker can be a candidate, an employee, a contractor or a previous employee.

The data of the worker is divided in 3 tabs:

  • Profile
  • Competencies and development
  • Payroll
Picture of the worker record
Worker record
Picture of the workers profile
Worker profile

The profile tab is set up with the following four subsections:

  • Worker summary
  • Addresses
  • Contact information
  • Personal information

The worker summary contains several fields where you can register information about the worker.

Worker summary

In the addresses section you can find, add and edit all the addresses connected to this worker.


Contact information is where you can see, add and remove contact information about the worker.

Contact information

Personal information is a collection of fields related to the worker, such as birth date, gender and age and a lot more fields. Here you should go through and see what’s relevant for your company and your country.

Personal information

Competencies and development is set up with three subsections:

  • Skill mapping
  • Competencies
  • Development
Competencies and development tab

Skill mapping is where you say if this worker should be part of the skill mapping, if they’re not then they you need to set a reason code to why they shouldn’t be.

In competencies you can add, see and edit certificates, courses, education, positions of trust, tests, professional experience and skills. You can also see the reviews and goals under the development tab.

Payroll is set up with the workers prefered payment method and payroll earning codes.information.

Payroll tab for worker

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