Dynamics 365 Human Resources, New release

D365 Human Resources in Microsoft Teams

One week ago Microsoft finally released the Dynamics 365 Human Resources app in Microsoft Teams! It’s still in preview, but you can start testing it today.

How to set it up

First you go to Teams (doesn’t matter if it’s the desktop version or browser version), click on the three dots below files and search for Human Resources (Human will be suffice). You will then find the Human Resources app and click on that.

Search for apps in Teams
Search in Teams

Next you click the add-button in the pop-up, this adds the app to your Teams.

Add the Human Resources App in Teams
Human Resources App in Teams

When you first open the Human Resources App you get asked to Sign in to the solution. In the settings area you can also change environment if your company has several.

Sign in to the Human Resources App
Sign in to the Human Resources App

How to use it

Once logged in, the fun starts! The first thing that’s prompted is the Human Resources bot. It tells you what you are able to do in the app (As of 25. May when this article is written you can; Check time off balance, view balance details and request time off).

Human Resources bot
Human Resources bot

In the chat you can click on “What can I do” and get a list of questions you can ask the bot.

Suggestions for chatting with the bot
Suggestions for chatting with the bot

For example you can view you balances.

Note: If you have admin roles you won’t be able to use this feature.

View balances from the bot
View balances from the bot

If you click the tab Time off you get an overview of your balance and all time off you’ve taken or have planned.

Time off tab showing the time off balance
Time off tab

You can request a new time off.

Request time off
Request time off

You can register when you want time off, how many hours and leave an attachment or a comment. Attachments are great if for example you are on sick leave and have a doctors note you need to register.

Register information on your time off
Register information on your time off

Once you’ve registered your time off and it is in the future, you can see it as upcoming time off. You can also save the time of as draft, and you will see it in the drafts section.

Upcoming time off
Upcoming time off

I love this new app, I think it will accelerate the usage of Human Resources in every company using Teams (as you should be).

Remember that it’s still in preview and that some features can be changed or removed before it goes GA.

If you have a good ide on a feature that would benefit a lot of companies with Dynamics 365 Human Resources, go to the Dynamics Experience page and register it!

5 thoughts on “D365 Human Resources in Microsoft Teams”

    1. Hi Richard,

      This feature is unfortunately not in the new infrastructure for HR as of now. This was created when Hr was partially in Dataverse. Hopefully, it will come to the new infrastructure soon!


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