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MB6-898 Describe features for employee self-service

The employee self-service is an important feature of Talent. This is the page where all of your employers should have access, and where they can edit their own information and find information connected to them.

Employee Self-Service
Employee Self-Service

The Employee Self-Service page contains

Summary where you can see how many work items and questionnaires assigned to you and the company directory.

Employee Self-Service summary
Employee Self-Service summary

My career information that contains tiles with information about:

  • Tasks. Overdue and tasks due today.
  • Next registered course, where you can also view open courses.
  • Certificates, where you can see your registered certificate and view
  • Next scheduled review and what stage your other interviews are in.
  • Performance goals and the stages they are in.
  • Total skills with the latest date you updated and the possibility to add more skills.
  • Compensation. This field is locked as default, but can be opened.
  • Attachments. Here you can see and manage your attachments.
  • Time off balances (when you request time off, you select the leave type, dates, attachments, comment and can see the balances with available, requested and remaining time off.)
Employee Self-Service my career information
Employee Self-Service – My career information

Additional information that contains links where you can update and add to:

  • Benefits
  • Performance journal
  • Send feedback
  • Courses
  • Education
  • Positions of trust
  • Professional experience
  • Job details
  • Loaned equipment
  • Completed questionnaires
  • Complete a questionnaire
Employee Self-Service additional information
Employee Self-Service – Additional information

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