Family, community and work – background and technical

Some time ago I was talking with someone at an event, we talked about traveling in work and about family. I told him I was going to Scottish Summit and MVP Summit in Seattle, but I didn’t think I was going to User Group Summit in Barcelona, because that would mean to much time away from my family in a short amount of time. He said that he used to travel a lot, and that he never felt bad about being a lot away from home. Others I have talked with have said the same, but the common nominator was always that they were men. This gave me a bunch of questions:

  • Is it really a big difference between a woman and a man traveling a lot for work?
  • How is this seen upon in the community.
  • How much do others travel for work and community?
  • Is it a big difference if you have kids or not?
  • How do people feel when they leave home?
  • Is there a big difference on MVPs, the ones wanting to become MVPs and others?
  • Do people think there are big differences between genders and traveling?

Forms Pro

The survey

For creating the survey I used Forms Pro.

The questions was:

  1. Gender
  2. Do you have kids. This question lead to a branching and 2 extra questions.
    1. Ages of youngest child
    2. Are you a single parent?
  3. What’s the worst about being away from home. This question was actually two questions where the alternatives was different for those that had kids, then for those without kids.
  4. How do you feel about: Being away from family, Leaving the kid(s) and The extra burden on partner.
  5. Are you an MVP
  6. How many days away from home (over night), for community and/or work did you have the last year?
  7. How many events did you attend the last year? (Local and abroad)
  8. Do you think there a difference between genders, in general, when it comes to traveling?

Thank you to all 171 persons answering the survey, you all used under 2 min in average to answer.

Next post will be the actual results I know some of you are looking forward to!

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