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Why Talent? Leave and absence registration

In Dynamics 365 for Talent you can set up leave and absence plans that employees be added to, so that they can register time off.

You can set up the plans as you want, to get a Talent with leave and absence plans suited for your company.

Leave and absence plans
Leave and absence plans

As HR you can se information about each employee and how much time they have available and how much time they have taken.

Leave and absence workspace
Leave and absence workspace

A manager gets full overview of their employees leave and absence in the manager portal

Manager leave and absence
Manager leave and absence

You can see some analytics about leave and absence.

Leave and absence analytics
Leave and absence analytics

The employees can register absence and apply for leave on their self service portal.

Request time off

Read more about leave and absence in Dynamics 365 for Talent.

2 thoughts on “Why Talent? Leave and absence registration”

  1. Hi Malin,
    There are two accrual values related to two different leave plans that have been run on all older employees(Prorated plan and full accrual plan). The older plan(prorated plan ) which was assigned to the employees first, its accrual value was been made to 0 before assigning it to a new plan (full accrual plan). Post that the analytics report has not updated accordingly which is showing both the accrual values.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.



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